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bad weekend habits

4 things unsuccessful people do at the weekend

Our social feed is full of what successful people do in their weekdays and weekend, and there is not a single day when we miss this in our newsfeed. But least we get to know the bitter truth about unsuccessful life that often differentiates from successful people

travel insurance in india

How much travel insurance to buy

The honest answer is it depends on various facts, and there is no one size fits all but having some information will help to choose the right travel insurance. Let’s break the scenarios where you will understand how much travel insurance is required for your upcoming trip.

How to choose your watch smartly

How to choose your watch smartly

You are going to the next interview or have a plan to meet someone special or want to attend a party with your colleagues, but confuse about your dressing style and fashion accessories. Because dressing well is not enough; you should have a good taste