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10 unknown inventors with their popular inventions

In our daily life, some products made our life so easy that it’s impossible to imagine a life without it, and the inventor may or may not be popular, but their contributions change everyone’s life. It is even hard to believe that some products/concepts were invented ever. For Example, grocery bags, supermarket, and Potato Chips. But they were, and in fact, life would be hard to imagine without them. Here are top 10 inventions whose inventors never got the publicity like their work.


First Search Engine

In case you think that Google is the first search engine, you belong to that generation whose first email account is Gmail. In case, your first email is Yahoo/Hotmail/Rediffmail, you may assume that Yahoo is the first search engine. In reality, neither Yahoo nor Google is the first search engine, and in fact, Yahoo is not even the first internet company.  The concept search engine came after the Second World War where scientist Vannevar Bush urged to store useful data at a common place where anyone can find at any time he/she wants. Initially, Search Engine was a project of the United States Department of Defense, but the first that opened to the public was Archie search engine. The first version of this was developed by Alan Emtage to store the data, and later Bill Heelan and Peter Deutsch made it more accessible where people can log in and search collected information. So officially, Archie is the first search engine, and Alan Emtage, Bill Heelan and Peter Deutsch are the inventor and developer.


Copy Paste

Undoubtedly one of the biggest innovation in computer science without which it would be impossible to use, and would take too much time to get the work done.  The most surprising thing is most of us even unaware that it was not the part of the computer during the initial stage. Copy-Paste was first implemented in 1973 by Larry Tesler while he was working for Xerox.



Most of us even don’t know that it was actually an invention and the interesting news is it was invented even before the rise of social media and the internet.  Technically, MEME is a behavior that spread from one person to another within a culture/society with a particular meaning. Author and Biologist, Richard Dawkins first created this word in his book The Selfish Gene in 1976. Today, in the era of social media, we are not new to this, but the first MEME was created in 1940. The origin is still unknown and debatable, however, during the Second World War, it was popular. Its name was “Kilroy was here” and it referred to a bald-headed man.


Potato Chips

Though it was not invented to fulfill any requirement, instead, it was an accidental invention. George Crum, a Native American chef was working in a restaurant in New York where a customer once complained about French fries. Though he again made for him, still the customer was not satisfied. To teach him a lesson, he made fries which were too difficult to eat by using a fork. But surprisingly, the customer was very much happy. And it became a big business that made George Crum a millionaire.


Computer Mouse

Till 1968, there was no computer mouse, and Xerox Alto was the first modern computer that utilized the mouse. Though there are numerous scientists were involved, however, Douglas Engelbart is recognized as the inventor of the modern mouse by many. His obsession to make the world a better place helped us to use the modern computer easily.


Social Media

Most of us misunderstood that Orkut was the first social network site because of the massive popularity. But most of unaware about which is the first social networking site launched in 1997 by Andrew Weinreich that had 3.5 million members and expected to be huge. The company was purchased by YouthStream Media Networks for $125 million which didn’t go well due to Dot-com bubble and other issues and had been shut down one year later after the purchase in 2000. It had almost the same features as a modern social networking site.



An electrician Nathaniel Baldwin invented earphone in his kitchen and it was handmade and after surpassing testing standard; he sold it to the US Navy. Despite getting suggestions from the US Navy to patent it, he ignored by thinking the invention was trivial. However, the headphone business made him rich though for a short time.


Modern Toothbrush 

Though oral hygiene is a part of human life for thousands of years, however, there was no specific method available before the invention of the toothbrush. William Addis is considered to be the inventor of the modern toothbrush. While serving his prison time for the involvement in a riot, he invented it which later became so popular that made him wealthy.



While working at Kroger Stores, Michael J. Cullen developed the idea of Supermarket and wrote a letter to the company president. He proposed an idea of opening a new type of food store with low price, large space, cash sales, and no delivery service which had been unanswered by the company. He left the job and started his own outlet which is the first supermarket which became a huge success and adopted by others as well as his former employer Kroger Stores.


Shopping bag

It’s hard to imagine that shopping bag was not the part of our lives before some decades. Though people were using bags in their daily life, however, those were not easy to carry. The first modern lightweight bag was invented by Swedish engineer Sten Gustaf Thulin in early 1960. The design was simple, strong, and had the capacity to carry a high load which his company Celloplast patented worldwide. Due to the massive demand of such bags across the globe, the patent was overturned and allowed other companies to manufacture it.

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