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Monthly Archives: November 2018

7 surprising facts about veganism

Often people think that Vegetarianism and veganism are the same but in reality; these two are completely different from each other. Most of us think that vegan means being a strict vegetarian which is completely wrong. The fact is a vegan is not just about

5 Most Daring covert operations ever

While we think about covert operation, it feels like an action pack Hollywood movie, but in reality, it was much more dangerous than our imagination. A silly mistake could be the reason of death or inhuman torture still, lots of agents and soldiers are working

10 unknown inventors with their popular inventions

10 unknown inventors with their popular inventions

In our daily life, some products made our life so easy that it’s impossible to imagine a life without it, and the inventor may or may not be popular, but their contributions change everyone’s life. It is even hard to believe that some products/concepts were