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Monthly Archives: February 2019

history popular surgical strike

10 famous surgical strikes in the modern history

Engaging in a full-scale war is risky for any country, and at the same time leaving the enemy without teaching them a lesson is not acceptable for any nation. Which is why surgical strike comes to the picture where the intention is to damage the

should I worry about aadhaar

Should you worry about ongoing Aadhaar leak

Aadhaar became an inevitable part of our lives due to the immense effort made by the government to make it mandatory everywhere, however, the interference of the Supreme Court made it a little bit easy. Though Aadhar helped to give a unique identity to everyone,

Great lifestyle propaganda

4 greatest lifestyle propaganda we are experiencing

The 20th century was the time of less communication and more personal connection whereas the 21st the time of neither connection nor communication. Though quick communication is the biggest achievement which was beyond imagination before twenty years still, it doesn’t help people to achieve happiness

The greatest tech lies of recent history

The greatest tech lies of recent history

From 1990 the world has seen a massive change in science and technology and would not be exaggerated if we call it the greatest tech revolution of all time. From computers to smartphones and letters to WhatsApp things happened beyond our imagination, however, the massive

Why is India unable to adopt the policy like Israel?

Why is India unable to adopt the policy like Israel?

Whenever we suffer from a terror attack by our neighbour Pakistan, the immediate reaction of our citizens is that the government should adopt policies like Israel. No doubt Israel successfully carried many overseas covert operations in the name of pe’ulot ha tagmul (acts of retaliation),

Facts about billionaires no one discusses

Facts about billionaires no one discusses

Often we hear about the story of rags to riches and we believe it like a fairy tale, and there is no dearth of stories that portray them as a self-made billionaire. Thanks to their PR team, that works day & night hard to keep