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4 greatest lifestyle propaganda we are experiencing

The 20th century was the time of less communication and more personal connection whereas the 21st the time of neither connection nor communication. Though quick communication is the biggest achievement which was beyond imagination before twenty years still, it doesn’t help people to achieve happiness in personal life. In our hectic life where we are desperately looking for personal happiness, there is no dearth of lifestyle propaganda for which we are failing to find inner peace. Not a single institution is responsible for such propaganda as it has been spread in a large scale. Here are the four greatest lifestyle propaganda we are facing on a day to day basis.

Work-life balance

biggest lifestyle propaganda

The most popular lifestyle propaganda we are facing in every moment of our life which is nothing but an illusion. In reality, there is nothing like a balanced work life for the current generation. Work-life balance is a myth and exists only in companies’ constitutions, not in real life. Our social feed constantly reminds us how to make a perfect work-life balance which is too difficult to achieve for the working class people, and almost impossible for the first generation entrepreneurs. The ground reality is our life doesn’t have a straight forward approach and too messy to create the exact balance. Our mood and health are not always on the same condition and is virtually impossible to follow a ready-made approach all the time.
The best way to manage is by integrating it in our lives where you can take a break whenever you want and work when everyone is off and vice versa. Often people feel guilty about taking a break during work and spend their holidays for professional commitments. They feel that if they work during weekdays they would have free time on holiday. But the concept is wrong when someone doesn’t feel well, still forced to work for the sake of work-life balance. The real approach is work-life integration where you need to become flexible according to the situation, and there is no ready-made way. For example, you can work on holidays if you are planning to take a break in the near future.

Fairness is the definition of success

fairness propaganda

It happens more especially in India where people prefer fairness over anything, and beauty product companies are projecting it as the secret sauce of success. Such fairness propaganda help the fairness industry to grow 18% annually, and currently, it’s $450 million and only Hindustan Unilever has more than 50% share in this market. Beauty companies’ advertisement propaganda make us believe that fairness has an additional advantage which creates fear among people. Such craze for white skin is called ‘Snow White syndrome’, and it ultimately increases the sales of fairness cream.

Fitness lifestyle propaganda

Fitness lifestyle propaganda

The definition of fitness has been changed with time, and people are moving towards the obsession which itself is unhealthy. Instagram has become the best platform for such big lifestyle propaganda.
Here fitness means having a figure with sculpted abs just to impress others rather than staying healthy that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and became big lifestyle propaganda of the 21st century. People forget the basic objective of staying fit is feeling good both physically and psychologically and became obsessed with abs only which becomes the sole definition of fitness. But often people ignore the fact that having six-pack is not necessarily healthy and can even hazardous. Arnold’s popular “No Pain No Gain” has been flooded in social media constantly and people are made to believe that they should have to follow a lifestyle of a fitness model or professional bodybuilder. The bitter truth is most of the so-called fitness expert on social media don’t have knowledge about the basics of fitness and even use steroids but claim to be natural. They are always in a hurry to sell their products by spreading their fitness lifestyle propaganda and demonstrate a life which is virtually impossible to follow. Surprisingly, people believe them and follow their style religiously. Even most of the fitness companies sell dumbest products by seeing the laziness of people and make them believe that having a fit lifestyle is possible if they buy their products, and don’t even need to do any workout. In both ways, they hide the fact that a healthy lifestyle is possible if we know how to make a balance in exercise. They either demonstrate an extremely rigorous workout regime or no workout lifestyle which are not possible in either way and sooner or later people give up. Such fitness propaganda doesn’t describe that a balanced exercise regime is possible and is good for health, but instead, they propagate six pack abs that often make people insecure about their fitness.

Perfect lifestyle propaganda

Perfect lifestyle propaganda

The description of perfect became the best trend in social media that often lead to depression according to a study. Though social media help to ease the communication gap and connect with more people irrespective of geographic location still, it does more harm than help. Now people are comparing everything in social media from depression to happiness. Such comparisons increase the depression that results in spending more time on social media. People are falling for the so-called perfect life propaganda of their friends and others and forced to think that their lives are not great like them. An experiment in the University of Pennsylvania concluded over 143 students that people who spend less time in social media have better mental health than their counterparts. The problem with social media users is they often ignore the fact that people show their brighter side of life, not the other side. They tend to ignore the fact that such brighter sides of life are nothing, but another perfect lifestyle propaganda. Even though they aware of this fact, still it doesn’t prevent them to become depressed over perfect life propaganda in social media. This psychological problem creates a mental health FOMO (Fear of missing out) which happens only due to the excessive use of social media and limiting the use of it the only solution.