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5 Business Family feud in India that became worst

The bitter battle within the family is not just a story of middle-class families, and in fact, it is the same story of elites’ families. However, the reason they are unable to hide it from the public for the obvious reason. Even though some conglomerates are started by just their previous generation with a humble beginning, still, they are unable to continue with the same spirit due to the personal ego, greed, and family feud. Just like normal people, there is no dearth of incidents about the business family battle in India. Here is the list of India’s five business family feud in India which became worst due to insults, physical assault, humiliation, and death.

Ambani vs Ambani

Business Family feud in India that became worst

Ambani Family/Source

One of the most talkative incidents in the business world that shook the entire nation when both the Ambanis decided to split after a bitter battle. After the death of founder Dhirubhai Ambani in 2002, their feud slowly came to public and in 2004 it became intense. There came a time when Anil Ambani didn’t present in the meeting and Mukesh Ambani didn’t utter his name in Company’s Annual General Meeting. Instead, he said he has a “harmonious and constructive” with the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group.
However, the matters had been solved when their mother Kokilaben Ambani came forward to resolve the issue and the biggest conglomerate had been divided.

The Bajaj family feud

Business Family feud in India that became worst

Rahul Bajaj/ Source 

The proud family which was the part of the freedom struggle led by Gandhi even saw the family feud that ultimately divided the company between two brothers and three cousins. At one side Shishir Bajaj and on the other side, Rahul, Niraj, Shekhar, and Madhur. The problem started in a family gathering where Shishir Bajaj asked for separating the company, however, they didn’t take it seriously. But later he again raised the issue which was unusual for the family. According to Niraj Bajaj, there was equality in everywhere in the family even in the pocket money which is why the whole family was in shock. However, later they divided the company peacefully without any problem.

Chadha brother feud

The bloodiest battle between Chaddha brothers that took both lives but no one knows how actually Ponty had been killed whether he was tied or not before the death. Though the net worth of Wave group is significantly less than other business families in this list, however, when it was about the liquor business, no one was able to compete with them in Uttar Pradesh including United Spirits Limited and United Breweries. The Chadhas’ story was the real rages to riches, however, the fight became so bitter that took both Chadhas’ lives. Their feud started over a real estate deal which became intense and both brothers took each other’s lives.

Raymond Group conflict

Business Family feud in India that became worstVijaypat Singhania/ Source: YouTube

The father-son fight became so ugly that Gautam Singhania threw his father Vijaypat Singhania from both office and home. Even they took back his Padma award. Senior Singhania gave all his 50 percent share to his son which is why he lost all his control from the company. As per an agreement, each member of the family will get a duplex that includes Vijaypat Singhania, widow of his brother and two sons of Ajaypat Singhania and his own son Gautam. Suddenly, Gautam suggested the company not to proceed it.

Singh brothers feud

Business Family feud in India that became worst
Malvinder Mohan Singh/ Source

The feud began when Fortis Healthcare suffered a loss of $2 billion due to their family spiritual guru Gurvinder Singh Dhillon. He is the cousin of Singh brother’s mother and acted as a mentor of their family. The matter became worst as he failed to repay the loan of Rs 2,500 crore and the business that grew from generation wise began to fall within the six months of the periods. They even faced a lawsuit from Ranbaxy Laboratories for $ 500 million fraud. The relation between the two brothers became worst after they lost their family mansion and there came an incident when Malvinder accused that his brother Shivinder assaulted him.

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