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5 Most Daring covert operations ever

While we think about covert operation, it feels like an action pack Hollywood movie, but in reality, it was much more dangerous than our imagination. A silly mistake could be the reason of death or inhuman torture still, lots of agents and soldiers are working to get information or to take revenge for their nations.
Whatever goes inside there is a different part of the discussion but one thing for sure that they dare to do things that a normal person can’t even imagine in the dream. Here are 5 most daring covert operations that are beyond imagination.

Canadian Caper


The name was given as the Canada Government came forward to help Central Intelligence agency to rescue six US diplomats who were captured at Teheran. During the Islamic Iranian revolution, the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi had been ousted and fled the country. The members of Islamist students and militants attacked the US embassy and held the diplomats as hostage. Their demand was to return of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the ousted Shah of Iran for trial. Though the diplomats were able to flee the office, still, it was impossible for them to leave Iran. To help them Canada government issued several passports with various fake identities. Tony Mendez, one of CIA operative entered Iran as a Canadian and a part of a film production house that wants to shoot a movie in Iran. The six US officials left with the real Canadian passport on January 27, 1980, and Iran officials were unable to identify them. On the same day, the Canadian embassy was also closed and the staff left Iran.

Operation Wrath of God

Also known as Operation “Bayonet”, one of the greatest tale in the spy world that shows how far a nation can go for revenge. It again proved that it is impossible to stay peacefully after harming Israeli citizens. To avenge the death of their eleven athletes in Munich Olympic, Israel first started bombing on the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) based in Syria and Lebanon. However, it didn’t stop here, and to prevent such attacks in the future, they decided to carry an operation to assassin all the people involved in the massacre. It is believed that the operation continued for more than twelve years. The operation was so carefully planned that it was impossible to establish a connection between Israel and the assassinations. The interesting part of this operation was before each assassination, target’s family received flowers with a message “A reminder we do not forget we do not forgive.”

20 July plot

Though it failed still, acknowledge as one of the most daring covert operations ever where the target narrowly escaped. World War II never happens if it was successful. From 1938, members of the German Army and Intelligence Organizations tried to overthrow Hitler but their plan had been postponed due to indecisiveness and the western power failure to stop his aggression. In 1942, a new group formed and they tried four times to assassin Hitler but all went in vain. The final attempt they made famously known as Operation Valkyrie. Again it was failed miserably, and Hitler escaped narrowly and it was the last attempt to overthrow him as he ordered to arrest everyone who had a little bit of information or had suspicious activities. Out of 7000 people, 4,980 were executed, and many of them didn’t have any role in that coup.

Operation Cactus

It’s one of the most daring operations of the RAW outside of India where it directly engaged against the rebels. In 1988, when People’s Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) sent 200 rebels to invade the Maldives, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, the then President requested India for help. RAW launched a military campaign with the assistance of Indian Armed forces and the Parachute Regiment of Indian Airforce landed at Hulule and gained control within one hour.

Operation Entebbe

One of the most daring operation in the spy world ever which is no less than a movie plot. On 27 June 1976, Air France Flight139 had been highjacked, and the highjackers forced it to land on Uganda. After repeated failures at the diplomatic level, Israel decided to opt for military intervention. Their troops entered into Uganda and they went to the airport by using a Mercedes that matched with Idi Amin’s vehicle. In this raid, they destroyed a quarter of Uganda’s air force. They rescued all hostages less than one hour, and the assault lasted only 30 minutes.

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