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7 biggest aviation mysteries that have never been solved

airplane disappearance mysteries

Even though technology is developing day by day still, it’s unable to track fix one of the major problems of aviation that is flight disappearance.
It’s not just about the disappearance, there are many mysterious incidents happened which can’t be explained. Though it depends on various factors and sometimes the psychology of pilots, however, by seeing the technological advancement in the 21st century, it’s difficult to imagine that we are not able to find a solution. Here are the 7 biggest aviation mysteries that have never been solved.

TWA Flight 800

In the tragic incident, 230 people lost their lives soon after leaving John F. Kennedy Airport due to an explosion but raised many questions whether it’s an accident or planned by someone. The investigators concluded that it happened due to the short-circuit that lead to the explosion of the fuel tank, but several people said they saw a streak of light” and a fireball.
This gave fuel to conspiracy theory, and according to some conspiracy theorists, it was due to the missile attack and the government is trying to hide something. The National Transportation Safety Board rejected the claim of missile attack and supported the short-circuit explanation. On July 14, 2004, an international memorial was dedicated for TWA flight 800 victims at Smith Point County Park in Shirley, New York.

Amelia Earhart

who was Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean which gave her immense popularity. She set many records and wrote best selling books and won the United States Distinguished Flying Cross award for her extraordinary achievements. But her disappearance became a mystery when she vanished while flying over the Pacific Ocean in 1937. Even after many investigations, neither Amelia Earhart plane found nor she was. Various theories came after that where some said she intentionally vanished, and some even claimed aliens abducted her, but in 2017, a photograph showed that she didn’t die in the crash. After forensic testing and facial recognition, it was clear that the photo is authentic which showed that Japanese soldiers captured her. However, apart from Amelia Earhart image, no more details are available, and her death and whereabouts are still a mystery.

D B Cooper

who was Dan Cooper

The incident is no less than a movie and the identity of the airline mystery passenger is still unknown. In 1971, a man who claimed his name Dan Cooper hijacked Boeing 727 and demanded $2 lakh as ransom. After getting the money, he left the plane through a parachute and no one has seen him again. Even though the FBI did a manhunt to find him still, failed to identify the airline mystery passenger and his whereabouts. According to the FBI, he probably died while jumping from the plane, but his body is yet to be identified. No one knows who was Dan Cooper, and from where he came.

Flight 19

It’s a group of five planes and 14 crew members that went on a training mission on December 5, 1945, but unfortunately, they disappeared, and have never seen again. To find them a team of 13 crew members went for a search operation but they also disappeared. It is assumed that the second group died due to the explosion in the middle of the air, however, no evidence was found regarding both. Investigators assumed that both flight 19 and the rescue team disappeared at Bermuda triangle, and concluded that some supernatural events were responsible for this.

Flying Tiger Line Flight 739

A Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation propliner that was carrying 93 US soldiers and three South Vietnam citizens disappeared on the way and strange fact is the weather was clear. Even after the eight-day search operation, nothing has been found, but some eyewitnesses saw an explosion still, no remains of Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 were found.

BSAA Avro Lancastrian Star Dust accident

Though the remains of the plane had been found after 50 years, however, the last message that the last message was still mysterious. On 2nd August 1947, This British South American Airways flight disappeared on its way while travelling from Chile from Buenos Aires. 11 passengers mysteriously vanished, but the remains were found after 50 years on Mount Tupungato at Argentina-Chile border. Earlier investigators blamed the pilot for negligence but later concluded that bad weather was responsible for this, however, they unable find the meaning of the final Morse code transmission, “STENDEC” which the aircraft sent twice.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that started flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 8th March 2014, Malaysia never reached Beijing and disappeared over the Indian Ocean. Even after extensive searches, nothing has been found yet that lead to giving birth to many conspiracy theories, and the mystery of flight 370 remains puzzle forever.
In 2018 aviation experts concluded that flight MH370 mystery solved, and according to them, it was a careful plan made by a group of people or an individual who had plans for suicide or revenge. It was the most expensive search operations in aviation history and is known as one of the biggest aviation mystery in the modern world.
Coincidentally after five years on 10th March 2019 Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 had been crashed near Tulu Fara village near Bishoftu, Ethiopia that caused the death of all 157 passengers.