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bad weekend habits

4 things unsuccessful people do at the weekend

Our social feed is full of what successful people do in their weekdays and weekend, and there is not a single day when we miss this in our newsfeed. But least we get to know the bitter truth about unsuccessful life that often differentiates from successful people

depression disorder

8 Signs that show you are becoming depressed

Do you ever amaze how to figure out if you are suffering from depression or not? We may shy away from this topic, but it is a serious mental health issue which could affect us throughout the life.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Lose belly fat

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Lose belly fat

The fact is more you move the body more you burn the fat. So to burn fat you have to do compound exercises. The more muscles are involved the more energy is required and for that energy body burns more calories.

Great lifestyle propaganda

4 greatest lifestyle propaganda we are experiencing

The 20th century was the time of less communication and more personal connection whereas the 21st the time of neither connection nor communication. Though quick communication is the biggest achievement which was beyond imagination before twenty years still, it doesn’t help people to achieve happiness

How to stay fit in hot summer travel

How to stay fit in hot summer travel

Stay fit during travel in the summer In the era of social media, where people are traveling the world and sharing their chiseled figure with impressive abs somehow convince us that being fit is not difficult during travel. Though we are not talking about maintaining

Why are successful people introverts

Why are successful people introverts

It’s cool to see or read about successful people and their journey for which they dedicate their lives. Though there are multiple factors are involved to become successful, and it’s different for each, however, one thing we notice in most of them is their introvert

7 surprising facts about veganism

Often people think that Vegetarianism and veganism are the same but in reality; these two are completely different from each other. Most of us think that vegan means being a strict vegetarian which is completely wrong. The fact is a vegan is not just about

Spot reduction methods are not true- What to do?

Everyone loves a shortcut. For any problem, we tend to avoid the difficult part while solving it but unfortunately, life doesn’t seem to be fair to us, and we have to deal with them. The fitness industry is run by some popular myths including the

Achieve the real fitness goal

You have a solid fitness goal to power yourself towards success, but unable to complete it, because of your u-turn followed by eating junk food/cheat day which moves a step closer towards illness. It is great to have a target but put in your mind