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financial plan for small business

5 Financial tips for entrepreneurs while they are starting up

Either you are an established entrepreneur or going to start something the one and only thing you must have to check is your financial status and the way you manage. As you are going to start something the chances of getting any financial support for business not high and in fact, you should not expect something like this.

most common financial mistakes people do

4 Most common but disastrous financial mistakes people do

The idea to retire before you turn 40 became a trend for millennials, however, in reality, people often ignore the fact that being financially stable requires a lot of sacrifices. They want to be independent but are not ready to take any action that could

Facts about billionaires no one discusses

Facts about billionaires no one discusses

Often we hear about the story of rags to riches and we believe it like a fairy tale, and there is no dearth of stories that portray them as a self-made billionaire. Thanks to their PR team, that works day & night hard to keep

5 Business Family feud in India that became worst

5 Business Family feud in India that became worst

The bitter battle within the family is not just a story of middle-class families, and in fact, it is the same story of elites’ families. However, the reason they are unable to hide it from the public for the obvious reason. Even though some conglomerates

6 Big brands that failed miserably

Though there is no guarantee of success and failure when it comes to chasing the customers, however, we expect big brands are always ahead of the game. Even though small companies may do better still, competing with big brands is a different game as they

Investors should pay less attention to financial news

Whether you want to invest in a stock market or any other assets or whatever that will help to increase the investment the first thing you will do is to do a proper research about this. It’s normal for anyone who wants to learn more

Richest people on the earth you have no idea

Richest people on the earth you have no idea

What comes to your mind when you heard about the richest men on the earth? Probably the list of names that Forbes publishes it every year including Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos or Amancio Ortega Gaona and you think they have all the wealth.