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how 2014 election changed india

How general election in India 2014 changed the entire political scenario

After Independence, even though the nation is the single largest democracy of the world, however, most of the period, Gandhi family ruled it. Though after the death of Rajiv Gandhi, Congress never had a chance to win with a full majority, still it had its fair share in the power game apart from the Vajpayee era

Why is India unable to adopt the policy like Israel?

Why is India unable to adopt the policy like Israel?

Whenever we suffer from a terror attack by our neighbour Pakistan, the immediate reaction of our citizens is that the government should adopt policies like Israel. No doubt Israel successfully carried many overseas covert operations in the name of pe’ulot ha tagmul (acts of retaliation),

Facts about emergency you don't know

Facts about emergency you have no idea

In 1975, India faced a huge political crisis, and in the other word the darkest phase of the democracy where The State of Emergency had been declared by President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed. As a result, the election had been suspended, all political opponents were arrested,

6 controversial statements by Rahul Gandhi

Indian National Congress president Rahul Gandhi never create a headline for the good reason whether it’s his bad luck or inability to express the feelings in a positive way; no one knows why it happens on a regular basis