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India defeated China twice, but no one is talking about it

India defeated China
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The Indo-Sino war is widely discussed and everyone is talking about the victory of China, and this happened during a crucial period where the chances of the Third World War was high. At the same time, the Soviet Union and the United States confronted each other over the Cuban Missile Crisis that resulted in the delay of interfering the India China war. India was unable to get any help from either of the superpowers till the end of Cuban Missile Crisis. But most of the people don’t talk about another war between India China in 1967 that happened two times where India defeated China.

What happened

India China last war was not 1962 but 1967 where it confronted China not once but twice, and it never dared to fire one single bullet after that. China started to claim both Nathu La and Cho La as its own, and during the Indo-Pak war in 1965, it gave an ultimatum to vacate the two places. Though India refused it still, China continued its claim and asked Indian authorities to withdraw the troops from there and even started digging trenches at the Sikkimese side. When Indian soldiers were lying the stretch of fencing at Nathu La, Chinese infantry came and asked to leave the place, and as usual, Indian troops refused. They returned and started firing machine guns which were unexpected and lead to heavy casualties on the Indian side, however, India started giving its response, and the clash continued for four days. China suffered heavy casualties, but the defeat didn’t deter the communist regime to continue its illegal claim over Cho La which is few kilometre distances from Nathu La. They came there and asked Indian troops to step back, and after the refusal, they started firing which led to another clash at Cho La that continued for one day. Again China had no option but had to withdraw its troop after suffering casualties and this victory of India forced them to rethink again after that it never dared to attack till date. When Sikkim decided to become the part of India by abolishing its monarchy through a referendum, China though didn’t support, however, didn’t dare to claim it as a part which it tried initially.

The war was not just about the defeat of China

This is not about rejecting China’s claim over Sikkim; it’s also about the revenge of the 1962 war, but sadly, people who pointed towards the ruling Congress party for the defeat never gave the credit for this. Putting the political agenda aside, India had to win the war against China anyhow else, the Communist regime would have started creating problems like Pakistan. And today, Sikkim would be another Kashmir, but thanks to the Indian Army and the leadership that stopped China’s notorious regime expansion agenda. India is not the sole victim of this regime expansion, Tibet is already suffering from this, and India’s support towards Tibet angered the Communist Country. But the fact was India support was for the sovereign of an Independent nation whereas China didn’t want to follow any international treaty, and claimed Tibet as its part. Its brutal suppression led to the death of thousands of innocent civilians that ultimately gave birth to Anti-China movement but unfortunately failed, and the 14th Dalai Lama forced to flee.
Prime Minister Nehru intention was to create a stable relationship between two big nations in South Asia to maintain the peace and Panchsheel Treaty was signed. But China proved that it can’t be trusted at any cost, and started its brutal oppression against Tibet, and as usual, India opposed it being a democratic country that always wants to establish peace. Even though both countries signed a peace treaty, still it attacked in 1962 and illegally captured Mount Kailash which was the part of India. The claim over Tibet, Mount Kailash gave more courage to continue its expansion agenda and even ignored the victory of India in 1965 against Pakistan.

Even now, China doesn’t want peace and continues its claim over Indian territories, however, the two constant defeats forced it not to wage any war like 1962 or 1967. Whether it admits or not, but India China war 1967 definitely destroyed the ego of the Communist Regime and forced it to admit that it can’t suppress everyone in Asia. India defeated China twice even after facing two major wars and was newly expanding whereas China was powerful enough. Still, it forced to step back, but the saddest part is we forget this glorious past and hardly talk about it.