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Why are successful people introverts


It’s cool to see or read about successful people and their journey for which they dedicate their lives. Though there are multiple factors are involved to become successful, and it’s different for each, however, one thing we notice in most of them is their introvert nature. According to a study of Harvard Business Review, there are four behaviors of a successful CEO that almost match with the nature of an introvert. First, let’s have a look at some of the popular introverts in the world.

Sir Isaac Newton

The person who changed the way we see the world and understand science was an introvert in his real life. In fact, he was a very private person and deeply protected about his privacy.

Bill Gates

The founder of tech giant Microsoft is an introvert. He once said that an introvert can do well if he/she can learn to get the benefits of being an introvert. However, he believes that both introvert and extrovert have their own unique sets of skills and both can help the company to become successful when combined.

Mark Zuckerberg

His brilliant project Facebook may help to connect the globe whereas personally, he is a shy and introvert person. To motivate himself he always surrounds himself with people who can encourage him.

Albert Einstein

He believed this nature is required to become successful and even admitted for being an introvert. He is one of those few people who proved that it’s good to have such tendencies.

Though there is no perfect behavior for all successful people, however, something common we find that defines that they are introverts in general. And it is because their nature defines themselves which is similar to an introvert. Let’s have a look at the nature of an introvert person.

They tend to listen more

Generally, we see that successful people listen more and talk less and it not just about being smart; it also comes due to the introvert nature. Because they don’t like to talk too much especially when surrounded by the crowd. They listen very seriously as it helps them to find new ideas.

They spend time alone

Often idea comes when we live in a peaceful environment which is why they tend to spend more time alone and avoid to hangout where more people come. Usually, they feel alone when in a crowd, but they are in their deepest thoughts while staying alone. The deep thinking helps them to analyze something in different ways, and it will never possible when people are around them. This is why they avoid the crowd as possible as. When it comes to deep thinking, who can beat Sir Isaac Newton?

They observe deeply

To make a successful deal or project or anything everyone has to observe the situation from a neutral point of view. They have a sense of metacognition which helps them to think that normal people don’t. Their emotional intelligence also helps them not to take any side and in these states, and they may even take unpopular decisions.


To become successful, it is essential to be taken seriously and which is why they portray themselves in a careful manner. Even if it comes to sacrifice something which they achieve after a lot of hard work. It is because they don’t want to put themselves in a situation where they could face embarrassment in the future; be it directly or indirectly. Sir Isaac Newton was also an alchemist, but he never disclosed any of his experiment, and till now no one knows what he did. Some believe that he had invented the preparation of a costly metal like gold, but by fearing of misuse he chose to keep quiet.

They are careful of their words

Usually, they put too much weight on their words and that’s why they listen more and talk less. But whenever they talk, they know every detail and prove themselves right. They don’t break their promises as they make very few.

Creative thinking

Creativeness comes through deep think and is possible when someone spends most of his/her time alone. It should not be a surprise that they are creative and deep thinkers. They have more imagination than a normal person which is why they able to think in a creative way.

Though there is no right evidence that all successful people are introvert however if we judge some of the most successful people on the earth, they all are introvert by nature. Success comes when someone has the combination of both. It may be of their own or from some people who work for them.

Image: Pixabay and Wikipedia

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