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Why does Pakistan want Kashmir despite at the bankruptcy stage?

why pakistan doesn't want to give up kashmir
Indian Army
during a bilateral training

The wake up call came when Britishers divided India with the help of Jinnah on the basis of religion and as Kashmir was Muslim majority area at that time; so it was expected to support Pakistan. But the king remained neutral that made Pakistan angry, and it started sending its troops for the invasion. The king didn’t have any other option and requested India for the help, and India had to fight its first war just after the two months of independence which lasted for more than one year. However, such conflict gave the Pakistani Army a perfect idea to control entire Pakistan using it as a tool against India. Even though the national economy is starving and at the stage of bankruptcy still, it doesn’t want to give up at Kashmir. Here are three reasons why does Pakistan want Kashmir despite at the bankruptcy stage.

Kashmir conflict helps to hold the power

It doesn’t matter who is the PM and President of Pakistan, the kingmaker is always Army and ISI, and anyone raises questions or refuses to obey will be overthrown. Nawaz Sharif already proved multiple times how helpless a Pakistan PM could be. As he always wanted a peace deal with India that ultimately angered the Army because there will be nothing left if the conflict has been resolved. The agency is involved in everything regarding internal politics in the country and is known as “a state within a state” by many Pakistanis. From election rigging to helping the Taliban, assassination and training of terrorist; there is nothing left that ISI didn’t do yet. Their ability to monitor every citizen creates a fear among them that ultimately make them the most powerful. Kargil War and execution of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto are some few incidents proved that they don’t need permission from any higher authority and can do whatever they want.

China doesn’t want India-Pak peace

The USA already started distancing itself, and Pakistan doesn’t want to stop the growing China support which causes more investment, and a peace deal with India will upset the dragon for sure. Even in its dream, China doesn’t want Indian influence in South Asia and always sees it as a major threat; China fears India-Pak peace deal could sideline the Communist regime. The USA already changed its stand regarding Pakistan and now prefers India more, and that ultimately increases Washington’s influence, and could potentially become a threat against the Communist Regime. To counter both India and the USA; China doesn’t want India-Pak peace at any cost. By supporting Pakistan’s every activity against India, it is not difficult to assume that China takes advantage of India-Pak conflict.                

Anti India sentiment works well

From Benazir Bhutto to Nawaz Sharif or Imran Khan, pick anyone there will be one thing common among all which plays a major role to hold the power is anti-Indian sentiments. When it comes to the election, they never dare to skip Kashmir issue which becomes an emotional issue and works as sympathy votes for them. There is always a tough competition among politicians to lure the citizens regarding Kashmir, and till date, Benazir Bhutto performed well to fool them.  Her father was also not behind who once said, “We (Pakistan) will eat grass, even go hungry, but we will get one of our own (Atom bomb). We have no other choice!” Such eagerness proved that they literally don’t have any other option apart from Kashmir and by resolving the issue would be harmful to their political career.

In conclusion, Pakistan is sitting over a bomb which could explode at any time. With no ambition of development, it thinks that Kashmir conflict is a big business, and by continuing the terror activities, it will achieve one day which is nothing, but an illusion. The country who is at the final stage of bankruptcy still refuses to accept the ground reality and by seeing its activities; it’s not hard to predict that the nation’s future is dark.