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Why is Ranbir Kapoor not getting the success despite being a good actor

Nepotism never does well in Bollywood, in fact, it’s a curse that kills thousands of talent who don’t have any filmy family connection still we should appreciate because it gives actors like Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The star kids never know the alphabets of acting however they are getting movies whereas being a member of a Bollywood elite family Ranbir is unable to achieve such success that he deserves, and this is the harsh reality for him and his fans as well. So Why is Ranbir Kapoor not getting the success despite being a good actor?

Before entering into the Bollywood, he took admission in School of Visual Arts, New York where he studied film-making and method acting from Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, and also directed and acted in two short films. After returning, he started joined as an assistant director of Sanjay Leela Bhansali project Black and later got a chance for his project Saawariya as a lead actor. He also worked as an assistant for his father’s project Aa Ab Laut Chalen, but it is not necessary to mention as an entry because it was his family’s production. Though the movie failed commercially still his performance was applauded by the critics, and he proved that he is not just another star kid and has the potential to start a long inning.

After doing 16 films out of which six flops including one disaster, four hits, two blockbusters, two super hits, and two average, his career doesn’t look impressive as it should be whereas his performances never disappoint both critics and fans however he is yet to reach the position of other celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan, even after becoming one of the highest paid actors. No, I am not comparing him with other celebrities due to his acting; he is a successful actor but failed to achieve the stardom that Khans and Kumar are enjoying.

Most of his movies are not typical that Khans are doing which may be the reason for his failure however though they are commercial.

If you consider his one decade journey in Bollywood, then he is the only mainstream actor of Bollywood whose movies are not typical masala movies that other celebrities tend to do. From Saawariya to Jagga Jasoos, every movie has a different story plot which is rare to find in any A listed celebrity career, and in fact, he is the only actor who is yet to do any masala movie even though his success rate is low; he chooses the project outside of his comfort zone that ultimately makes him an actor instead of a celebrity. If you still want to punish him then consider Besharam as this belongs to that category which Bollywood audiences want to watch though it’s a disaster which is a different story, and we are grateful to him that he doesn’t repeat the same mistake again till now, and hope this will continue.

The unnecessary controversy that he may not want to be the part could have an effect which leads them to be the part of the discussion. His cold war with Bollywood biggies Salman Khan due to his relationship with Katrina Kaif becomes the hot topic where some producers hesitate to give him work as they don’t want to be the part of any controversies which could affect their business. Even no one knows the exact truth however by seeing his career graph where he wins five Filmfare including best actors for two years continuously it seems that his personal issues are the reason for his ongoing struggle in Bollywood.

Media attention on his personal life instead of career and the repeated failure

why Ranbir Kapoor is failing

Despite being a talented actor, media hardly pays attention to his professional life, rather than they are busy with his affairs with Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif and currently with Alia Bhatt but his performance on Rockstar, Tamasha, Rocket Singh hardly get such coverage even after getting awards from numerous award shows. The unnecessary coverage of his personal life instead of film career ultimately kills his popularity as an actor and makes him a random star kid celebrity where his dinner with a girl becomes the hottest topic than his performance on a recent movie that media used to pay attention to other actors like Raj Kumar Rao, Irfan Khan, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He may be good at acting, but his PR team is failing to give him the popularity he deserves as an actor, and it’s a different part of the discussion that a shy actor like him has a PR team or not. However, his continuous box office failure is another strong reason that no one can deny in a country like India where people tend to watch mix masala movies more than a unique story plot, and this reflects on the collection of Rockstar, Bombay Velvet, and many more.

Whatever your opinion regarding him but if you are an audience who like to watch different genre of movies instead of masala flick then you will agree that actor like Ranbir Kapoor doesn’t deserve such failure that he is going through now. In the end, the audience should know more about Ranbir Kapoor movies not about his affairs or any other personal life details.

Image source: Bollywood Hungama/ Wikipedia