How to stay fit in hot summer travel

How to stay fit in hot summer travel

Stay fit during travel in the summer

In the era of social media, where people are traveling the world and sharing their chiseled figure with impressive abs somehow convince us that being fit is not difficult during travel. Though we are not talking about maintaining six or eight pack abs, however, the aim should be getting fit. The bitter truth is a vacation is fun, but maintaining the figure is not.  Most of the people feel hesitation to become shirtless even though they want due to the bad shape. This is a general problem while you are spending time at a sea beach especially during the summer holidays. Usually, those who are working out regularly face a lot of problems as managing time during these periods is a very daunting task. Sometimes we should take a break from regular workout routine, but that should not be like for some weeks. In this case, we need to break the rule and have to adjust it according to our vacation.

Track your Calories

It’s not about workout to maintain the shape; it’s about the food we eat. It’s difficult, and in fact, irritating to keep a close eye on food during travel when we don’t know what we will get next. The good news is we don’t need to check what we will get. Often we misunderstood that some foods are good and some are bad which is why we feel hesitation to eat everything. In reality, no food is bad. All we need to check the amount we are eating. In short, you just need to know how much calories you require to continue your good shape.

It’s not difficult to calculate the amount you need. You can buy a calorie calculator, and it doesn’t cost too much. Apart from this, you can calculate through various mobile apps and websites. Once you get the idea, it will be easy for you to maintain even though you are eating your favorite food.

Avoid obsession  

Being fitness freak is good, however, obsessive nature is not healthier especially during the vacation. Nothing is healthier than enjoying the moment at your favorite place with favorite foods.

You will get lesser to no time for the workout even though you depend on bodyweight workout only. In this case, you need to create plans that involve more physical activities. There should not be any particular timing If you don’t want to miss your workout because it’s difficult to manage time during vacation. Don’t make any workout schedule. Do it whenever you have free time. There are lots of workout program that requires ten to fifteen minutes and are enough to maintain the fitness.

Create physical activities

how to maintain body during vacation
How to maintain body during vacation
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The best way to stay in shape during the vacation is by involving yourself in many physical activities where you can enjoy and become fit at the same time. You need to decide your plan according to the place you choose.

Vacation in cities

Going to different cities helps us to explore a lot about the local culture if we decide to interact with people and this is possible only if we walk instead of taking any cab or bike. Walking is the best option for health as well as to discover more about the place.

Riding bicycle is another best way to exercise and roam the city at the same time and could be more fun. It’s not difficult to hire a bicycle in cities as there are many riding companies that are offering such services.

Vacation in the mountains

Going such places itself a physical activity and here you need to take care as these places are different than sea beach areas and normal cities. In these areas, usually, roads are not always in good condition and you may have to walk more time. Though such vacations bring a lot of fun and make you physically active, however, it is important to give time for recovery. When you are going to spend your holidays in these places, spend some time in the spa and other activities that will make you relax.  

Vacation at sea beach

Who doesn’t like to spend time at a beach? It’s the best place to do countless physical activities without feeling tired whether it’s swimming or playing volleyball.

Swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises that work the entire body and burn lots of calories, and in fact, is the best option for older people. The fact is swimming takes more efforts than running because our muscle groups work against the water constantly without giving stress to the muscle and joints which result in the reduction of more fats.

If you are an avid soccer fan, sports like beach football is the best way to enjoy the vacation. Here, our entire body is involved that burns more calories than other physical activities outside of sports.

You don’t need to be an expert in any game, and it’s okay if you never played it before. Just choose any sports that require a lot of physical activities and no need to worry about your shape while on vacation.  

The purpose of a vacation is to become relax for sometimes and as far fitness is the concern, you are spending the whole year, and it’s okay to quit it for some days. Enjoy the new place and food, and make your vacation memorable and enjoyable. This is how you will achieve peace and happiness in your life. Vacations are not meant to maintain six-pack abs.    

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